Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing in Hyderabad

AXIS provides Radiography testing services to inspect the welds of piping, pressure vessels, and other process equipments on the construction projects and process plants

AXIS inspection personnel are qualified to minimum ASNT NDT RT level II and the services are according to the approved procedures.

Techniques brief introduction: Radiography involves the process where radioactive rays are directed at t he object to be inspected, to pass through it and the resulting image is captured on a film. This film is in turn processed and image displayed as a sequence of grey shades between black and white

Conventional Radiography is a non destructive examinatio n method that uses X ray and Gamma ray for detecting internal imperfections, for measuring wall thickness and for detection of corrosion. With radiographic examination the material is exposed to a homogenous ray from a radioactive isotope or an Xray tube, while a negative film is positioned behind the material to be examined. After development of the film, thickness and density differences (i.e. material imperfections) will show as blackness differences. Acceptance criteria define whether or not the indica tion is non acceptable (a defect) or not

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