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Ultrasonic Testing in Hyderabad

AXIS provides ultrasonic shear wave inspection to inspect the welds of piping, pressure vessels, and other process equipments on the construction projects and process plants, fabrication units, etc AXIS also provides Ultrasonic Longitudinal wave inspection to perform thickness measurement and corrosion scanning / mapping on the plant piping and pressure vessel as per the API 510 and API 570.etc.

AXIS inspection personnel are qualified to minimum ASNT NDT UT/ UTT level II and the services are according to the approved procedures.

Techniques brief introduction : The Ultrasonic inspection process involves transmission of sound waves of short wavelength at high frequencies in order to identify flaws and/or measure the thickness of materials as well as to detect corrosion. We are one of the best companies for ultrasonic testing in Hyderabad. Our ultrasonic testing experts are well trained and qualified for ultrasoninc testing.

Conventional Ultrasonic Testing equipment works with the principle of sending a pulsed beam of high ultrasound from a handheld transducer, which is placed u pon the surface of the object being tested. This wave will be disturbed and then partially returned from spots with internal imperfection or from the back of the material wall. Capturing and analyzing the return sound collect useful information, which are displayed upon the screen of the Ultrasonic equipment, presenting the amplitude of the pulse and the duration taken for return to the transducer. By measuring this sound a skilled operator can identify location and orientation of imperfection, respectively the wall thickness of the material. Acceptance criteria define whether or not the indication is non acceptable (a defect) or not. If you are looking for a company for ultrasonic testing in Hyderabad, the please contact us for the best available services.

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