Megnetic Testing

AXIS provides Magnetic particle testing to detect surfac e and sub surface imperfections in the welds and heat affected zone of the piping and process equipments. And we also provide the magnetic particles testing on process equipments during plant shutdown to detect cracks on the internal surface of vessels.

Our MPT technicians are qualified to ASNT level II in Magnetic Particle testing and the testing will be done as per approved procedure

Techniques brief introduction : Magnetic particle testing is a non destructive testing method for detection of imperfecti ons on or just below the surface of ferrous metals. It is a quick and reliable technique for detection and location of eg. Surface cracks.

A magnetic flux is send through the material. At the location of the imperfection a leakage field is formed. This a ttracts metal iron dust, which is sprayed onto the surface. The length of the imperfection can be determined very reliable. Magnetic particle testing does not indicate the depth of the imperfection. Acceptance criteria define whether or not the indication is non acceptable (a defect) or not

Magnetic particle testing can be used for all ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, low alloy and cast iron. The main use of Magnetic particle testing is for welds and heat affected zones. It can be applied to relativel y rough and dirty surfaces but flaw sensitivity is decreased for this. Fluorescent particles can be used when maximum sensitivity is required

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