Penetrant Testing

AXIS provides Penetrant testing to detect the surface imperfections of the wel ds and heat affected zone of the piping and process equipments.

Our PT technicians are qualified to ASNT level II in penetrant testing and the testing will be done as per approved procedure

Technique brief introduction: Penetrant Testing (PT) is a non d estructive Testing method used to detect surface breaking defects, such as cracks, laps, porosity etc., which are undetectable with the bare eye. A fluid, the penetrant, is applied to the material surface. The fluid penetrates the defects. After some time the penetrant fluid is washed off the surface. With a developer applied to the now clean surface, the defects where the fluid has penetrated are made visible. These spots are called indications. Acceptance criteria define whether or not the indication is n on acceptable (a defect) or not.

Dye Penetrant Examination is mainly used for clad layer, welds and heat affected zones.

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